About Roger Walker Artist

When the COVID-19 Lockdown occurred in New Zealand in March 2020, renowned Wellington architect Roger Walker discovered some unused canvasses and acrylic paints  in his girlfriend's basement and decided to revisit a childhood love of painting.

Three weeks later he had filled all 13 canvasses and was hooked.

"I couldn't wait for the shops to open so I could buy more canvasses." 
"You can be as colourful and crazy as you like, and no-one tells you that you have get a resource consent or that you have contravened some obscure building consent rule.
"I love the freedom of expression.  I'm getting enormous creative joy out of it."
While his childhood love of painting was carried out in the privacy of his bedroom, Roger's new passion for painting was shared by his beloved on social media.

"It's pretty amazing how quickly you can reach people and I was really touched by the feedback I was getting from friends and strangers."

His work has a distinctive geometrical and architectural flavour to it - especially if you think houses can live in trees.

It's also whimsical and colourful - traits that also define his architecture.

In March 2021, Roger's first exhibition is being held at the Thistle Hall Gallery in Cuba Street, Wellington.

"I'm not giving up my day job yet - architecture will always be a great passion.  But I'm really glad that I have found a new outlet for some of my creative gems."